samedi 16 mars 2013

Naruto shippuden Ultimate ninja heroes 3

Naruto shippuden Ultimate ninja heroes 3 is the adventure and battle naruto game on psp, this is a mini ps2 naruto game adapted on psp.

mardi 1 janvier 2013

Patapon 3

Patapon is one of my favorites best games, the majority of the game's music are played by me, so if you notice some errors please don't be angry.

mercredi 19 décembre 2012

Need for speed - Most wanted

              Need for speed most wanted, the first pc game I played in college, this game I was rather attracted by its various crazy races and of course his songs, my favorite part was hot pursuit.

vendredi 30 novembre 2012

Devil may cry 3

            Devil may cry 3, a game designed for people who love the massacre, an adventure game which I personally cared little scenario because I had more fun to kill demons with style of impregnating me challenging songs.

mardi 13 novembre 2012

Final fantasy Dissidia 012


                  Dissida 012 is a adventure and fighting game between heroes of Final Fantasy and their enemies. The strong point of this game are the fighting style that I find revolutionary, soundtrack and a story full of bounce and tragedy but ends pretty well.